Friday, May 2, 2014

Lets get Dirty! that title probably sounded a little weird...and it was meant to be funny....but I digress...we are officially in the month of PLANTING! I love it, that's when my hands and clothes tend to get very dirty as I get to work out in the garden!

Over the next couple weeks is when it is best to do a direct sow for the warmer weather plants into your garden! I will be feeding my soil this week and then planting next week, or rather, whenever I have time! Now you are probably saying...but, but, but you said to plan the garden appropriately but you haven't told us what plants grow well together! You are correct! I plan to fix that today!

Companion planting is not nearly as hard as it may seem. It's just a matter of planting things near each other that don't hate each other. Sounds easy enough, right?

Lets start with A and work our way down...shall we?

Asparagus- loves Parsley and basil. (You can also plant tomatoes next to the rows of Asparagus if you have the space and they are mutually beneficial.)

Beans (bush beans)- likes celery, cucumbers and strawberries and can be beneficial to corn when alternating rows if you have the space. Hates: Fennel and onions.

Beans (pole beans)- Likes corn and will grow well with radishes. Hates: kohlrabi, sunflower and beets.

Beets- Likes bush beans, onions and kohlrabi, also grows well with lettuce and most memebers of the Cabbage family. Hates: Pole Beans.

Broccoli- Likes aromatic plants:dill, celery, camomile, sage, peppermint and rosemary. Also likes potatoes, beets and onions. Hates: tomatoes, pole beans and strawberries.

Carrots- Likes onions, leeks and herbs (rosemary, wormwood and sage).

Cauliflower-Likes the same things as broccoli and also does not like tomatoes or strawberries.

Celery- Likes leeks, tomatoes, cauliflower and cabbage as well as bush beans. (use kitchen scraps to start)

Corn- Likes potatoes, peas, beans, cucumbers, pumpkin and squash. Dislikes: tomatoes.

Cucumber- Likes corn (mutually beneficial), beans, peas, radishes, and sunflower. Dislike: potatoes and aromatic herbs.

Lettuce- Likes strawberries, cucumbers and carrots. Mutually beneficial with onions and radishes taste better when grown with lettuce.

Melon- (heavy feeders) Likes corn and sunflowers. Dislikes potatoes. Place wax paper under the melons to reduce loss from rot/insect activity.

Onion- Likes all members of cabbage family (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, etc.), also like beets, strawberries, tomatoes, lettuce and camomile. Dislikes: peas and beans. (again use a kitchen scrap to start)

Peas- Likes carrots, turnips, radishes,cucumbers, corn, beans and potatoes as well as aromatic herbs. Dislikes:Onions, garlic and gladiolus.

Pumpkins- Likes corn. Dislikes: potatoes.

Tomatoes-Likes onion, chives, carrots, garlic. Dislikes:corn and potatoes.

Watermelon- Likes: potatoes, Dislikes: anything that grows tall...artichokes, corn, etc.

Hopefully this helps with your garden planning! Please comment with any questions and I will happily answer them!

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