Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bugs...can't live with them..can't live without them!

So during the constant rain that fell last week the slugs took advantage of their time were I couldn't combat them easily. Well...the sun is out and those little buggers are going DOWN! Slugs are a pain, but are very easy to manage during the drier times.

Salt is not a good gardening option as that changes the ph of the soil and makes it harder for plants to grow.
This leaves two real options that are easy.

1. You can add diatomaciois earth to your soil and it essentially rips them to shreds as they slide across it. This method works really well for root maggots as well as long as everything is mixed together really well.

2. Beer. Yes, you read right.  I bury a small jam jar into the soil of my raised beds and I buy the cheapest beer there is. (Right now a 40oz bottle of Old English is working its magic. ) Fill the jar with beer and the slugs come to the beer and drown. You need to empty it out every few days...and yes...it stinks...but it is an all natural way to keep out the slugs to minimize the damage they can cause to a garden. If for any reason you are opposed to buying beer for slug bait, then you can also mix yeast and water and that will also draw the slugs in.

I will post more soon, but thought I'd share with you that little tip for the colder weather plants if you have any planted!  (They decided my kale and broccoli looked delicious and attacked....)

This is what Kale looks like after slugs have had their way for a week. My poor plant. Good thing Kale is very hearty and will grow back just fine in a couple of weeks!

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