Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Birthday Cake!

So I have this tendency to go a bit overboard when it comes to my kids birthday cakes...I really enjoy making a big deal about their cakes and for the most part, I make them myself. (Or at least I decorate them myself!) I figured I would share what I did with you so that if you were wanting an idea, you could use this or adapt it to fit your theme! Enjoy!

There's always room for cupcakes! Especially where kids are involved!

For the bottom layer I start with 2 9 inch rounds. Once they are cooled I leveled them and cut them into layers which I then filled with strawberry jam.

The top layer was a triple chocolate cake that was leveled and then cut into layers which I used a peanut butter mousse as filling. (yummo!)

I did a crumb layer of frosting with butter cream and then placed it in the fridge for about a half an hour before working the rest.

Wilton's food coloring (leaf green and royal blue) with buttercream frosting.

I used a regular butter knife to spread the green on first and then I added the blue in to look like a river.

I then used a star tip on my pastry bag with more of the green to make it look more like grass. It's a little time consuming, but it makes it look so much better!

I got chocolate rocks (found at Michael's made by Duff) and placed them in the "river" and around the river bank

I then added the plastic figurines (purchased from Amazon.com for less than $9)

I wanted there to be trees, so I got pretzle rods to use as the tree base and used frosting to give it a tree effect.

First a flat layer and then a second layer that curved out.

I put the trees into the cake and then added a few more rocks throughout the cake to give it that extra  effect of being "out in the woods".

Cupcakes I just frosted and put little rings on them. (Also purchased from Amazon.com for less than $5 for a dozen)
I love doing this for my girls and I am sure there will be more cakes...and the older they get...the more elaborate they seem to want them, so I guess I better go with the learning curve! ;) Happy decorating!